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Chris Middleton

Chris Middleton specialises in robotics, AI, automation, the IoT, Industry 4.0, autonomous transport & drones, blockchain, finance, space technologies, and technology strategy & ethics. He is former editor of, Computing, Computer Business Review, Professional Outsourcing (which he co-founded, now known as Intelligent Sourcing), Hack & Craft News, and UCInsight, among others, and is a contributing editor to diginomica, Computing, TransformIndustry, and TransformFinance. Over the years, he has also written for Computer Weekly, The Guardian, The Times, PC World, I-CIO, V3, The Inquirer, and Blockchain News. Chris is an acknowledged robotics expert who has written strategy reports on the subject for Innovate UK/UKRI (on the back of the UK’s Expert Missions programme), and has appeared on BBC TV and radio, ITN, and Talk Radio discussing the impact of robots and AI. Chris is probably the only tech journalist to own several humanoid robots, which he hires out to conferences, events, and broadcasters. Chris has chaired major conferences on robotics, AI, IoT investment, digital marketing, blockchain, and space technologies, and has spoken at numerous other events.

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