Cath Everett has been a journalist and editor for nearly 30 years. She specializes in workplace, leadership and organizational culture issues, but also writes about the impact of technology on business and society.

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HR, meet AI - everything changes...perhaps This article is sponsored by:

HR professionals are the guardians of both sensitive employee data and workplace policies and procedures. As a result, it is incumbent upon them to become a guiding light in terms of AI adoption not only in their own function, but across the wider business too, experts believe.

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The death of DEI? Why 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for diversity and inclusion in the tech sector This article is sponsored by:

The number of entry-level female professionals joining the data industry nosedived last year. The question is, is it to do with the sector losing its appeal to women or is it part of a wider trend across the tech industry as a whole?

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