Cath Everett has been a journalist and editor for nearly 30 years. She specializes in workplace, leadership and organizational culture issues, but also writes about the impact of technology on business and society.

Articles by Cath Everett

How Ricoh UK became a Disability Confident Employer - and why your enterprise should be too! This article is sponsored by:

Disability tends to be a rather neglected element of the diversity, equity and inclusion mix. Ricoh UK is attempting to grasp the nettle though by becoming a Disability Confident Employer – and its insights span well beyond national borders.


Tech for social good - how Ersilia taps into open science AI models to tackle infectious diseases This article is sponsored by:

Infectious diseases are a big killer in the global south, but research is too focused on developed world health problems and drug development margins are too low to interest big pharma. So, this is where charity Ersilia and its open science AI models come in.


Tackling generative AI’s sustainability problem This article is sponsored by:

Although the adoption of generative AI is only in its early stages, reports are starting to emerge about potential sustainability problems if it goes mainstream. As a result, the time is now for organizations to take action in order to avoid problems further down the line.

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Pride Month - why LGBTQIA+ tech workers still need more than just a poster on the wall once a year This article is sponsored by:

Two out of five LGBTQ tech employees say they have witnessed homophobic discrimination and harassment at work, rising to 50% among some of the large employers. As Pride Month 2023 draws to a close, what can be done to tackle this?

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