Brigette currently serves as the Chief People Officer at UiPath. With over 20 years of experience working in HR, Brigette believes in fostering a people-first philosophy that focuses on attracting and developing teams of innovative thinkers and shaping a culture of customer-centricity to drive business growth and transformation. Brigette strives to reshape the future of work through technology and automation, redefining the next generation of leadership through diversity and inclusion, pay equality, and digital transformation.

Before joining the team at UiPath in 2022, Brigette served as the leader of Google Cloud’s human resources function and as the Chief Operating Officer of SAP SuccessFactors, where she worked to shape a culture of customer empathy, implement business strategies, and create sustainable growth while empowering employees and company leadership.

Articles by Brigette McInnis-Day

Making AI work for your employees This article is sponsored by: UiPath logo © UiPath

Employees stuck in a cycle of repetitive assignments need stimulation before frustration leads to burnout. Brigette McInnis-Day of UiPath shares how AI-enabled automations have been used to reduce painpoints and increase satisfaction at work.

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