Brian Sommer is one of the titans of the technology services arena with more than 25 years experience in the field, 10 of which were served as the most senior director of Andersen Consulting's (now Accenture's) global Software Intelligence unit.

Articles by Brian Sommer

Workplace culture - O.C. Tanner & new Management Thinking This article is sponsored by:

It’s good to see how many firms are tackling the litany of HR-related woes impacting businesses today. A key finding is that engagement, respect, empathy and other factors are sorely needed but sadly missing for 80% of the workforce. These insights and more were front and center at O.C. Tanner’s recent conference.


AuditBoard Research and a growing ESG set of requirements/risks This article is sponsored by:

A recent study highlighted just how unprepared many firms are when it comes to investing in ESG technology and in understanding the numerous risks that firms must identify, quantify and measure going forward. Like many ESG challenges, this unpreparedness cuts across many disciplines within a firm like Finance, HR, Legal, etc.

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Software buyers, terrible sales results & the vision thing (plus a bit of Seinfeld wisdom...) This article is sponsored by:

Technology buyers mess up a lot of potential deals. Smart sellers know which buyers will create problems and either avoid these buyers or have some workarounds. If your firm is thinking of buying some tech, read this to be able to attract great sellers and keep them engaged. Oh, and watch out for the vision thing…


Assent & the future of supply chains This article is sponsored by:

Today, supply chain technology has a front-row seat in the Executive Committee as growing regulations, chemical bans and more are changing how firms interact with their suppliers, communities and the environment. The recent Assent user conference provided some big insights.

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Meet today’s brazen and more frequently fraudulent jobseekers! Are you ready to deal with them? This article is sponsored by:

More and more jobseekers may be testing your firm. They might be finessing their resume, outright misrepresenting themselves, gaming the recruiting process, etc. and in the process causing your firm to look past some great candidates. Employment fraud isn’t new but the landscape is definitely changing. Is your organization ready?


The tech to sustain – JLL and Carbon Pathfinder This article is sponsored by:

A number of technology vendors have already or will soon release new ESG tools. These mostly help with the reporting of key ESG data elements. Property firm JLL has just released a new tool, Carbon Pathfinder, that works very differently. It looks at several potential de-carbonization activities for one or more properties and assesses which ones will deliver the best economic returns.

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Kinexions 23 – bringing order to complexity This article is sponsored by:

The Kinaxis Kinexions 23 show was an exercise in contrasts. Some of the world’s largest and most complex companies not only attended but even discussed how they’re making more sense (and better business and ESG decisions) out of their multi-faceted supply chains, production plans, etc.


Appian - where AI meets RPA and Process Mining This article is sponsored by:

The recent Appian World show was a masterclass on everything process technology but the insights regarding AI were big news, too. Attendees also got a lot of insight into Appian’s process mining, data fabric and other capabilities. Here’s the recap.

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