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As Chief Strategy Officer, Anne is responsible for accelerating Kinaxis strategy development to add further value to customers. She and her team collaborate closely with customers, external stakeholders and the rest of the senior executive team to drive the strategic roadmap, thought leadership and identify emerging technologies and new industry opportunities. A proven leader in analytics and digital transformation, with expertise in operations, supply chain and strategy, Anne has extensive experience in managing supply chains for complex, global organizations. As Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics and Systems at Verizon, Anne was responsible for the strategic vision of the company’s global end-to-end supply chain, driving excellence through world-class data-analytics, process innovation and employee empowerment.

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How supply chain planning can help you through the coming recession This article is sponsored by: Kinaxis logo © Kinaxis

Accurate forecasting is a critical capability in modern supply chain management, but it is not a silver bullet. Anne Robinson of Kinaxis unpacks the need for capabilities that empower all stakeholders across the ecosystem.

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