Argos - you don't deserve to succeed

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy May 11, 2014
Terrible experience means lost business. That happened at Argos today. Here's why.

argos fail
Message to John Walden, CEO Argos. Your company claims huge success with its online retail system but I for one have no clue how that works.

Earlier today I attempted to place an order which ultimately failed. The screen shot you see above is only half the tale. Repeated attempts to enter any credit or debit card via any browser kept failing. The form would not accept any number entered.

Slowly losing the will to live and with the air turning bluer by the minute, I abandoned the transaction and ended up at Tesco, paying more but with a much smoother experience.

This is a family friendly site so I won't say what I REALLY want Argos to hear. But they need to fix this pronto.

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