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diginomica core team 


Derek du Preez 

Derek started his journalism career on Computing magazine and Computerworld UK, where he spent years hassling government spokespeople into admitting their ongoing cock-ups and defending the needs of technology buyers when vendors aren't willing to listen.

Email - [email protected]

Twitter - @Derek_duPreez



Stuart Lauchlan 

Often describing his 31 year career in tech journalism as an accident from which he never recovered, this began at Computing newspaper and takes in publications - offline and online - on both sides of the Atlantic, including CIO, CBR, Information Week, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and BusinessCloud9, which he launched. 

Email - [email protected]

Twitter - @whostu



Jon Reed 

Jon got his enterprise start in 1994 running an IT recruiting desk, building an ERP recruiting practice. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst and also advises vendors and startups on reaching today's informed enterprise buyer, now that the sales funnel is a waste of a Powerpoint slide discredited. He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and unfashionable avid podcaster.

Email - [email protected]

Twitter - @jonERP



Phil Wainewright 

Phil Wainewright has been a recognized authority on cloud computing as a blogger, analyst, speaker and consultant since 1998. He writes about the transformation of 21st century business through digital technology to create frictionless enterprise, and is author of The XaaS Effect.

Email - [email protected]

Twitter - @philww


diginomica partner success manager


Alyx MacQueen

Alyx started their comms career managing communications and leading on strategic planning and policy development, using data and analytics for c-suite dashboards and change programmes after a project with JISC Data Labs. Alyx works closely with diginomica's industry content and thought-leadership partners.

Email - [email protected]

diginomica extended team


In addition to the core team, diginomica's extended global band of contributors includes Madeline BennettBarb Mosher Zinck, Brian SommerNeil Raden, Cath EverettChris MiddletonJessica Twentyman and Martin Banks among others. 

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