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Ethics is a new kind of media property that solicits paid for partnerships, primarily with vendor organizations. does not solicit advertising of any kind although it may provide links to partner and other websites.

The basis upon which we enter partner relationships is to help foster an open and transparent dialog between independent technology commenters, vendors and buyers. The objective is to provide readers with rounded, nuanced discussions upon topics of interest surrounding the broad topic of the 'digital enterprise.'

Where partner content appears in the 'river' of front page content, it is clearly signposted as such using buttons that say 'Partner' or 'Partner Zone' along with the name of the partner in question. The background for those posts as they appear in the river is color coded in gray so you can readily identify which is partner content and which is diginomica original content.

All partner content carries an identifiable author name, together with links to other places where the author may be found. This way, readers can assess for themselves whether the content they are reading is useful and trustworthy while providing a direct level of transparency into authorship.

We encourage our partners to create original content and while we do not author on their behalf, we do provide advisory service to them around how they should present their content, the forms of content most likely to prove appealing and the styles that will generate the most interest. We actively discourage partners from providing marketing material.

We reserve the right to moderate all content including partner content and comments that may appear on this site.

Except as outlined above and as it relates to moderation and editing, we endeavour to maintain an arms length relationship with partners in relation to their content. We do not set their agendas although we may set the agenda for streams of content.

We are keenly aware that no media property is without bias. However, we make every effort to uphold the standards of independent thought for which each of our authors has established their individual reputations.

diginomica authors often engage in consulting or other commercial activities. These activities may from time to time relate to partners appearing on this website. Where there is a pre-existing, ongoing or recent commercial relationship, then we disclose that in the content with words like: 'XXX is a current consulting client' or 'XXX was a recent consulting client.' Such wording may vary depending upon the nature of the relationship.

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