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diginomica is a media/analyst property designed to serve the interests of enterprise leaders in the digital era. Launched in 2013, we have a team of writers and analysts based in the US and Europe who share decades of experience in enterprise business computing. 

how diginomica differs

Today’s informed buyers demand real insight, not buzzwords. diginomica captures their attention by delivering authoritative, thoughtful reporting and analysis that separates signal from noise, with no interruptions from advertising. Our metrics focus on visitor quality, engagement and influence. We actively engage with our reader community both directly and through dialog on professional social networks.

diginomica came about because the old world of advertising-driven media models creates a race to the bottom, where little or no value is placed on attention. At the same time, the traditional analyst approach does not provide the up-to-date insight required by today’s busy decision makers. diginomica provides rich, informed reportage, analysis and opinion based upon daily contact with the tech industry - buy and sell side - and practitioners.

how diginomica works with partners

We provide a platform on which vendors can demonstrate the wealth of experience and knowledge they have built up based on interactions with their customers. Our partners respect the independence of our coverage and subscribe to enable their content and feeds to appear alongside our organic content. Unlike other ‘sponsored content’ models, diginomica provides regular advice and feedback, before and after publication, ensuring that partner content meets the interests and expectations of our readers.

Submit an inquiry via [email protected] if you'd like to find out more about how becoming a partner can help you:

  • Build your brand with digital leaders
  • Boost impact and reach of your content
  • Raise your profile with key influencers
  • Nurture buyer engagement

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Our coverage fosters communities of interest across key areas of focus. Follow the links below to explore each topic.


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