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Pandora chases the digital Mad Men

Not content with shaking up the music industry, Pandora is now in the digital marketing game with an e-Business advertising technology platform of its very own. But does an internet radio firm have the right digital credentials?


Email - the stepchild digital forgot

Even the Facebook generation reads email, yet you'll be hard-pressed to hear it discussed at marketing technology events. The industry seems almost embarrassed to mention email - perhaps it's because the technology to integrate email with mobile and social is lagging behind what enterprises need.

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Enterprise content marketing fails

When marketing departments tried out the “content marketing” phrase on me a year ago, I was briefly encouraged. I assumed companies would now step back from polluting the tweetstream with compulsive retweets and hashtag pimping in favor of original content. It didn't happen. There has to be a better way.

Close up view of the income tax return

Intuit Q3 earnings show resilience

As a dominant player, Intuit is a great barometer of the US SME market. Its earnings release for Q3 fiscal 2013 suggest that its slow switch to subscription services is holding up. That is despite the fact it pre warned the market in April that it was shaving a full 225 basis points from its revenue estimates, largely due to a significant softening in its Turbo Tax business.

SAPPHIRE 2011, Orlando, USA

On Machiavelli, SAP and Fiori

The launch of SAP Fiori set off plenty of chatter in blogs and Twitter. There was a lot of confusion and discussion around pricing topics. As always with SAP, life is never that simple. There's a lot to understand.