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New Life

Accounting PSOs transform with the cloud

The accounting market is undergoing a quiet but perceptible revolution as cloud accounting takes hold. What brings transformational change and how will this shake out? There are several possibilities but they will be led by customer preferences.

hugh office

Hugh MacLeod - digital disrupter

I first met Hugh MacLeod sometime in 2005. At the time, he was one of an emerging crowd of blogerati rock stars that congregated around events like LeWeb, a cauldron of often edgy but always energizing ideas about the evolution of the social web. MacLeod's schtick was about creating cartoons on business cards.


Weissbeerger helps the beer flow

Anything that helps beer flow more quickly gets our vote. Enter Israeli based Weissbeerger. They're in the alochol analytics space, which, I must admit, is a new category to me.

Marketing and strategy

Where next for digital marketing?

Imagine a day when the standalone digital agencies of today are a thing of the past and everyone in the next generation of marketing is a digital native. That day isn't that far off according to European marketing high-fliers.


The BBC and digital? Don't Mention It!

The price of digital failure? If you're the BBC, it's around £100 million so far, a renewed bout of 'mea culpa' performed for the mainstream media and putting a five year digital transformation programme out of everyone's misery.

SAPPHIRE NOW, Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

All change at SAP

SAP has announced sweeping changed in the company's management. Many of these should be welcomed as they provide the bench that will define the company's future. Net-net it is all looking good.