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Airport hell and the Samsung Chromebook

A lost MacBook Pro forced me into taking drastic action. The result? I bought a Samsung Chromebook. The experience so far is 'interesting.' Is the Chromebooko a device I'd recommend? Read on to find out.

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Lessons from Infor's reinvention

Nothing is tougher in enterprise software than reinvention. The diginomica team had a chance to evaluate Infor's strategy up close, both at Inforum 2013 and during customer video shoots (and interviews) in the UK. What are the lessons learned to date?

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Don't be so personal with your digital marketing!

You know all that time, effort and money you’ve been putting into personalized marketing campaigns? Well, it turns out that you might have been wasting it for the simple reason that your organization lacks the data skills needed to understand the customers you’re trying to get personal with!

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Listening to customers - a Workday and SAP comparison

Recent data on customer enhancements at both Workday and SAP open up an important question: can you realistically compare the two companies? The answer is a qualified less. What's more important though are the insights we get into how different companies respond to their customers.