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pink floyd

Pink Floyd - when near free hurts

A war is brewing over royalties paid to musicians. Pink Floyd has come out as one fo many voices opposed to Pandora's support of proposed legislation that would see costs to Pandora slashed and rights removed.

Dynamite Deadline Time Showing Urgency Or Explosion

Oracle and - blowing up the cloud?

Oracle and Salesforce are new BFF. Armchair quarterbacks will be disappointed at the detente between the two companies but there is a serious intent behind the announcement of a deal which see implement Oracle Fusion HCM and Financials along with strengthening its ties on the database front. This post looks at the implications for the applications landscape.

Searching the Sand

Google Reader vs email vs social networks - why care?

RSS advocates like myself insist that relying on social channels for enterprise content is mediocre at best. But how much enterprise news do you need, and how quickly do you need it? And is there a way to get it without wading through reams of over-marketed crud?


Remembering Ed Iacobucci, thin client pioneer

Ed Iacobucci, co-founder of Citrix Systems and pioneer of thin client computing, passed away today. This 1998 interview, republished online for the first time, reminds us of the clarity of his vision for what we now know as cloud computing.