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The cost of IT outages: from the buy-side

IT outages are a fact of life and they will be costly - both financially and in terms of brand and reputational management. In this special 3 part series, we look at the impact of outages from different angles, beginning with the buy side perspective from two organisations with a strong dependency on technology.

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Tapping the creative soul of the CFO

Are we using finance capabilities to best advantage? I don't think so. Centuries old typecasting of the bean counter don't serve us well. How about understanding what makes finance really tick? Here's a primer.


We or Me? Designing for Millennials in the digital age

When considering the social-izing of the enterprise, have we done enough to understand what motivates Millennials? Taking research from Dr Jean Twenge as the basis, I argue that we need to better understand their world view before developing the nextgen applications.

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SEC homing in on IBM's cloudy financials

What's going on with IBM's cloud revenues? That's a question the SEC has raised. Although details are sketchy, there are good reasons to believe that the SEC wants IBM to 'fess up about the strength of that line item. We endeavor to examine why.