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sap-rss_feed-100 The emerging Networked Enterprise

Research suggests that we have reached something of a plateau in the development of what once pigeon holed as 'social business.' Business is understanding that there needs to be much more: enter the Networked Enterprise.

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Lethargy weighing down SAP ERP?

In this guest post, John Moy makes a broad assessment of the SAP mobile applications space. He looks at the roles of SAP, systems integrators and customers in an ecosystem that he believes is not functioning as well as it might. There are lessons for all developers in the enterprise space.


AppExchange matures as vendors grow up

Ten years old next year,'s AppExchange ecosystem is maturing, with a growing roster of partners having built substantial software businesses running native on the Salesforce platform, including one that's reported to be prepping an IPO later this year.


Lessons from Xero part one: Hansens

Over on our sister site, we have posted a slew of videos that I shot at Xero's Melbourne offices where I concentrate on the experience of professional partners. In this first excerpt, we look at what Hansens are doing.

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FinancialForce-logo An enterprise cloud is more than just a stack of servers in a datacenter

When choosing a Cloud platform for your business, look for what capabilities the platform itself inherently offers beyond what you are able to do today.  Examples of these capabilities might include native support for mobile devices, customer and supplier portals with embedded social capabilities, point and click integration and the ability to customize and build your own apps.


Failing fast at the coal face

We're here to make a dent in the universe. That means we have to question all assumptions about what we do and why we do what we do. And so while long years of experience help, they sometimes hinder. Even so, new apps mean an abundance of choice.

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Does SaaS save money?

Around the end of March, Frank Scavo and I were having a back and forth on the cost of SaaS/cloud apps. This is not a new discussion but one worthy of review given the maturing applications space plus the spend shift we are seeing among buyer organizations.