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SAP's partner paradox - race to the cloud This article is sponsored by:

The SAP Americas Partner Leadership Summit in Miami brought SAP's confrontation with the cloud to a head. For an event not intended for hard news junkies, there were big stories for those willing to read the writing in the sand.


Understanding Africa This article is sponsored by:

Africa is emerging as the fastest growing continent on the planet. In this video, Simon Griffiths, global product marketing manager SYSPRO describes how it is taking a different path to the Internet when compared to Europe and the US.

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The future of cities: Cape Town's CIO discusses This article is sponsored by:

In this second video shot with Cape Town's CIO, we discuss the future of cities, the kinds of initiatives they have under way and how they see the future of IT as an enabler of ensuring that cities function well going into a resource constrained environment.

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