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How to secure budget for your service transformation

Mark Wilding of ServiceMax makes the case for understanding how service data can impact an entire organization - and explains why it is the key to building a business case to secure budget for your service transformation.

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Europe keeps sustainability on the corporate agenda, despite the double-edged sword of cloud and gen AI This article is sponsored by:

Has sustainability been sidelined in Europe due to economic and geo-political troubles? Research from Pierre Audoin Consultants would indicate a pretty resounding ‘no’ - although technology can prove a double-edged sword in getting your approach here right.


Salesforce Connections 2024 - "Commerce should not be an island" - how customers are personalizing commerce and making sense of Copilots This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce Connections 2024 brought the AI conversation to a head - via a customer-facing Copilot for Shoppers demo I've featured here. But for Commerce Cloud customers, there's a bigger goal in play: get off of "commerce island," and kill all the B2B portals while we're at it.

Jenna Flateman Posner, COO Solo Brands at Salesforce Connections
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