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Enterprise hits and misses - December 8 This article is sponsored by:

See which enterprise software articles hit (or didn’t) on diginomica & beyond
Jon's cheeky review of the week ending December 7, 2014
Check the standout picks from across the enterprise web
Includes the notorious "whiffs" section for those who stepped in the bad stuff

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Rentokil Initial tackles mobile apps challenge This article is sponsored by:

Around 7,000 of Rentokil Initial’s 32,000-strong workforce are mobile technicians
A mobile application development platform is helping the business services company meet employee demands for better tools.
There’s a real emphasis now on reuse of code across operating systems and devices

Rentokil Initial van on country road

The CIO is dead. Long live the CIO! This article is sponsored by:

The Chief Digital Officer is being pushed hard as the answer for businesses looking to digitalise their operations.
CIOs claim they already do that job and include it in a much wider view of managing the use of information.

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