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Oracle plays nicer as cloudy quarter calms Wall Street This article is sponsored by:

Maybe it’s just the time of year or maybe there really is a new detente out there in the market, but Oracle’s just turned in an OK set of quarterly results and didn’t get into bashing its competition once in the subsequent conference call.


HR must clean up their crap This article is sponsored by:

Talent acquisition has changed and continues to change as potential candidates get access to more and more information about prospective employers. HR practices and legislation are holding employers back. What's the answer?

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Six steps to avoiding evil open source This article is sponsored by:

Open source has made a massive contribution to the ubiquity of the Internet and some of the most important solutions that many of us use in our daily lives. However, when open source is hacked as a way to improve then what happens? How about when open source is hacked for no apparent reason other than for commercial gain?

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6 Mega Trends for 2014 This article is sponsored by:

Predicting the future is a fraught business yet this year seems to hold important clues for 2014. Here is my personal list. Yours might well be very different.

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