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How to secure budget for your service transformation

Mark Wilding of ServiceMax makes the case for understanding how service data can impact an entire organization - and explains why it is the key to building a business case to secure budget for your service transformation.

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Six AI industry trends we’re tracking in 2024 (and beyond)

IFS is keeping a close eye on the adoption of AI across asset-intensive industries - from manufacturing to construction to telecom. Inspired by AI project lessons, Christian Pederson highlights six industry trends to watch.

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Responsible AI isn't just about ethics, it's about accuracy - a deeper look at Workday's evolving AI architecture This article is sponsored by:

Responsible AI is often tied to ethics - but shouldn't we also tie it to AI accuracy? Large Language Models have weaknesses there - but can that be mitigated? At Workday's Innovation Summit, I went under the hood with Workday's AI leaders.

Carl Eschenbach of Workday at the Workday Innovation Summit
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