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Enterprise hits and misses - Goldman Sachs questions the ROI of gen AI, AT&T is breached, and AI gets a mental health check This article is sponsored by:

This week - Goldman Sachs questions the ROI of generative AI - and ushers in a different AI conversation. AT&T gets a major breach, and Snowflake is facing the scrutiny too. AI projects need a mental health check, and I blow a gasket in the whiffs section.

reality check

Scaling ERP and Sage This article is sponsored by:

Scale became a topic du jour at a recent Sage analyst meeting in Atlanta. Scale is an important and multi-faceted topic and it helps understand where a software vendor’s intentions with their products lie. Herewith are some scale highlights from global applications vendor Sage and their implications on Sage Intacct and the Intacct ecosystem.

scaling up
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