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Weekend humor: everything counts This article is sponsored by:

Depeche Mode are one of my SAPper favorite bands. We've lobbied for them to appear at one of the TechEds to no avail. You have to wonder where those affinities come from. Here are some clues.


Authenticity is The New Bullshit This article is sponsored by:

Authenticity is something many talk about but few deliver. Why? Maybe they're not concentrating on the real job - to suck less. That's the subtext of Hugh MacLeod's latest book. It will suck about 90 minutes out of your life that you won't get back. It might change your life in the process. The choice is yours.

authenticity is the new bullshit

Enterprise mobility - thriving or sputtering? This article is sponsored by:

Since I last wrote about the struggle of enterprise mobile storefronts, I’ve continued to grapple with the confusing state of enterprise mobility. To get some perspective, I went on the hunt for mobility studies that might make sense of the contradictions.

Multi-tasking businesswoman

You'll get the cloud you ask for. So ask wisely! This article is sponsored by: salesforce-sidebar

If you treat the cloud as merely a way to modernize your IT, that's all you'll get. No matter how creatively and competently that modernization is done, it will not be enough. Broadening the perspective requires enlarging the community of stakeholders and lengthening the list of criteria for success.

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