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Dreamforce: WalMart activists have designs on Marissa Mayer This article is sponsored by:

Lessons I learned at this year's Dreamforce: design is important - even when it’s designing a protest about one of the world's biggest capitalist brands. Who did I learn this from? Two CEOs who head up a couple of the tech industry's best known brands. Frankly I wasn't expecting that one.


Dreamforce: toothbrushes, time travel and Ellison in absentia This article is sponsored by:

Apparently the largest inflatable structure ever commissioned in North America. Huey Lewis and the News filled with The Power of Love at 9am. Sean Penn and the Prime Minister of Haiti. And what can only be assumed to be a very expensive pair of bespoke Louboutin sneakers AKA the cloud walkers.

Dreamforce 2013
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