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A red tape-wrapped rant at Europe's flawed cloud thinking This article is sponsored by:

I'm incredibly sceptical about the efforts from the European Commission to create a 'European Cloud', fearing as I do that the ongoing PRISM scandal is being exploited to support a political agenda in Europe. Here's the latest document from the Commission which makes me rather annoyed.


Swiss Railways - flying by iPad via TIBCO This article is sponsored by:

Optimizing an already dense and complex rail network to squeeze more capacity requires precision. Add in huge amounts of data being generated and you need a highly scalable solution to make it run. Enter TIBCO.


The customer's in charge in the digital enterprise This article is sponsored by:

The customer is of course always right - a message that hasn't entirely made it through to the current generation of call centre operatives unfortunately - but now it seems that customers are not only right, but actively shaping the business strategies of firms with which they engage.

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