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CMOs left herding agency cats This article is sponsored by:

An interesting new study popped into my inbox today which argues that one of the problems with marketing in 2013 is that there are too many agencies involved, all operating without effective co-ordination from the marketers who're paying them.

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The US, the EU and the outbreak of cloud war This article is sponsored by:

With PRISM, the US government is effectively providing ammunition to those whose own self-interest and political ambition are unlikely to be most supportive of the US - or  indeed the global - cloud services provider market.


Questioning B2B social media results This article is sponsored by:

Those who have inside dirt on B2B marketing and lead generation cite one factoid to me: the surprisingly strong performance of email marketing versus the lackluster performance of social media - why is that? Here's some fresh data.


Is free wifi a right? This article is sponsored by:

A good experience in Austria and the Czech Republic raise questions about ubiquitous availability of wifi. Should we expect free wifi? If wifi is 'free' in what ways might this work?

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