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Enterprise hits and misses - retailers buy in on generative AI, but where are the use cases? AI projects yield lessons, but burnout needs attention This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers talk up generative AI, and we evaluate the possibilities. Enterprise AI project lessons come into focus, but other issues loom - from risk management to employee burnout. In your whiffs, I blow a gasket and ask: can we get rid of CAPTCHAs?

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Tech for social good - how Ersilia taps into open science AI models to tackle infectious diseases This article is sponsored by:

Infectious diseases are a big killer in the global south, but research is too focused on developed world health problems and drug development margins are too low to interest big pharma. So, this is where charity Ersilia and its open science AI models come in.


Assent & the future of supply chains This article is sponsored by:

Today, supply chain technology has a front-row seat in the Executive Committee as growing regulations, chemical bans and more are changing how firms interact with their suppliers, communities and the environment. The recent Assent user conference provided some big insights.

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B2B video strategy needs a rethink - so much potential, so much stale output This article is sponsored by:

B2B video has enormous potential - and yet there is bland/overproduced B2B content all over social channels. During this illustrated recap of our recent show, Brent Leary shares the secrets to his portable video kit - and what makes B2B video content great (or not).

Brent Leary's impromptu video setup - with gear
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