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How did your tech news story wind up in the circular file? The top ten ways PR pitches go wrong This article is sponsored by:

PR pitches can spark a great story - but too often, they wind up in the virtual recycling bin. Here are ten notorious PR mistakes to avoid, all based on real life encounters from diginomica inboxes. These "close encounters of the worst kind" can be avoided - we'll explain how.

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The "deep water of the Information Age" offers Oracle great opportunity, argues CTO Larry Ellison, but Wall Street takes a cool view of Q1 numbers This article is sponsored by:

There's a lot of need for more and more data in a generative AI world and that plays to Oracle's strengths, says Ellison.


Enterprise hits and misses - enterprises aren't ready for ESG, SAP acquires LeanIX, and the remote work face-off continues This article is sponsored by:

This week - companies aren't ready for ESG, and CFOs can look forward to a hot ESG potato. Remote work versus return-to-office flares up again, as does generative AI's impact on programming. SAP acquires LeanIX, and I sneak in one more love letter to enterprise event planners.

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