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2023 - the year in HR Tech This article is sponsored by:

What happens when new tech presents overwhelming change opportunities to a functional area (HR)? How will HR tech buyers implement all of the potential changes these new technologies bring to their HR (and other) processes? Who is going to get business leaders to change if they want to make progress in the War for Talent? 2023 loaded the plates for all things HR.


2023 - the year in AI Use Cases This article is sponsored by:

Generative AI forces an AI readiness conversation; AI is a gut check on automation and analytics maturity. Get your data platform right, and getting AI right gets a lot easier. With that in mind, here's the high points from ten AI and automation projects we documented this year.


2023 - the year in Cloud ERP This article is sponsored by:

With generative AI on deck, and composable ERP bringing more disruption to ERP incumbents, cloud ERP vendors had a lot to grapple with in 2023. Jon and Brian share the biggest issues and top themes from their ERP event forays.


AI without training? It can be done, argues Appian CEO Matt Calkins This article is sponsored by:

It is already a given that AI services will need training on customer data, meaning that it will only be the major hyper-cloud service providers that can possibly win, for the only way for any user is to upload all your data to the AI service in order to train it about your company.Is there an alternative, one that means company data does not have to be put at such risk? Appian CEO Matt Calkins seems pretty sure there is, and one that is suited to businesses of all sizes.

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