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Salesforce Connections - "No offense to crypto fans, but this is real." Salesforce customers react to generative AI news This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce Connections 2023 kicked off with the expected generative AI fanfare - including the launch of Commerce GPT and Marketing GPT. But where do customers stand? I hit the show floor and found out.

Salesforce Connections '23 - retail AI panel

Adobe Summit EMEA - with Firefly for enterprise and Express upgrade, Gen AI makes everyone a content creator This article is sponsored by:

At Adobe Summit EMEA today, a major update for the all-in-one Express content creation tool as Adobe builds in an enterprise edition of Firefly to bring generative AI image creation to every user.

David Wadhwani announces Adobe Express and Firefly for Enterprise at Adobe Summit EMEA 2023 by @philww
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