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World’s largest flooring manufacturer u-turns on investment decision and replaces six month old system with Samsara This article is sponsored by:

Mohawk Industries had invested in a system to monitor its fleet of trucks delivering flooring across North America, but quickly decided that it needed another option - opting for Samsara.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Shadow AI is here, but is it a problem? Autonomous transport hits barriers, and digital transformation get a report card This article is sponsored by:

This week - is generative AI creating a Shadow AI crisis for IT leaders? Autonomous vehicles chug along, but not without running smack into barriers. Digital transformation and supply chain leaders get called out. In the whiffs, leadership is coming to an inbox near you.


UK business flocks to AI, but is the government’s soft-touch approach to regulation wise in the long run? This article is sponsored by:

Hadi Moussa, Managing Director of EMEA at online learning platform Coursera, offers a view on how UK business leaders are responding to the growing prevalence of AI, and how regulatory bodies ought to respond to protect investment as well as workers.

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