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Looking ahead - the future of application software This article is sponsored by:

It’s time to re-imagine the application software space again. This once a decade occurrence has the potential to upend the leader boards in this space but what specifically will this new generation of tech look like? Here’s a strategy starter for those developers and buyers of application software to ponder.


Dynatrace fills out Grail to make better sense of data This article is sponsored by:

No sooner has Dynatrace come up with a major new tool to cut through the potential for contentions between the growing range of tools available to `manage’ data than it sets out to extend its capabilities for internal team collaboration, by making it easier to build the context in which data exists.

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Can AI make supply chains smarter? Oracle's Steve Miranda on filling logistics black holes, and how customers' supply chain needs have changed This article is sponsored by:

As Oracle CloudWorld Tour hits London, I go behind Oracle's AI supply chain news with Steve Miranda. I also get his take on generative AI for the enterprise - and how it's changing the AI conversation with customers.

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