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Behind SAP's 2024 AI strategy - Chief AI Officer Philipp Herzig on why cloud is tied to AI results, and the rise of the prompt engineer This article is sponsored by:

After SAP's AI-centric restructuring, we went behind the news with AI Chief Officer Dr. Philipp Herzig. In this diginomica exclusive, Herzig updates on AI roadmaps, and shares strong views on why cloud deployments are superior for AI results. If out-of-the-box AI matters, then how do prompt engineers fit in?

Dr. Philipp Herzig of SAP

Why sustainability data sharing needs to start with a trust framework This article is sponsored by:

Gavin Starks, CEO of IcebreakerOne, who co-chaired the birth of the Open Banking Standard, wants to do the same for sustainability data. He believes industry-wide data sharing needs to start with a trust framework rather than fancy tech or a cloud monopoly. What he has to say has important implications for accelerating sustainability efforts and all industry-wide data-sharing collaboration.

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