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APIs alone are not enough for a truly composable architecture - you need the right kind of API This article is sponsored by:

APIs are the crucial connections at the heart of composable architecture, and how you build your APIs is fundamental to its success. With help from participants at AWS Summit and MACH TWO, I tease out the key characteristics.

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On generative AI disruptions, RISE and GROW - Thomas Saueressig reveals the next steps in SAP's AI strategy This article is sponsored by:

During my recent briefing with SAP's Thomas Saueressig, he made the case for SAP's generative AI advantage - and revealed important details about the role of customer data. Here's what I learned, along with my take on the RISE and GROW controversy that flared up after SAP's July earnings call.

Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE
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