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Innovation is thriving in the world of physical operations - you just need to know where to look This article is sponsored by: Samsara partner logo © Samsara

Innovation is about more than technology. From VR simulations in utilities engineering, to teleoperated trucks - Philip van der Wilt shares the underlying themes running through transformations in the services sector.

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Can we fix enterprise events - by designing for serendipity? This article is sponsored by:

The potential of enterprise events goes far beyond the reality. But there is fresh thinking afoot, on designing for serendipity and providing transformative experiences. For this think piece, I impose a practical challenge: provide examples event planners can pull into fall events.

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AuditBoard Research and a growing ESG set of requirements/risks This article is sponsored by:

A recent study highlighted just how unprepared many firms are when it comes to investing in ESG technology and in understanding the numerous risks that firms must identify, quantify and measure going forward. Like many ESG challenges, this unpreparedness cuts across many disciplines within a firm like Finance, HR, Legal, etc.

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Enterprise hits and misses - ChatGPT Enterprise launches, Google Cloud Next wraps, and composable ERP gets real This article is sponsored by:

This week - it's a big week for generative AI with ChatGPT Enterprise - but I'm placing AI bets elsewhere. The first major fall event, Google Cloud Next, is in the books. Enterprise leaders grapple with AI trust, but composable ERP gets field credibility. As always, your whiffs.


Forget demographics, think 'customer cohorts' - Lands' End gets to grips with knowing its customers better. (Just don't mention Kohl's...) This article is sponsored by:

Third party marketplace sales are seen as a growth opportunity for Lands End, but there are problems with one such online partnership...

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