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CMOs - want to reach peak financial performance all year round? Then partner with finance! This article is sponsored by: Planful logo

CMOs can fall into the insular distractions of juggling a marketing budget. But there is a better way: instead of probing spreadsheets, get a real-time finance view. Planful's Rowan Tonkin shares field stories on how to prove the value of marketing.

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Enterprise hits and misses - AI pricing gets a reality check, earnings reports bring the macro-hammer, and soft skills (finally) get their due This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI pricing needs clarity, but are we there yet? Earnings reports bring ROI pressure on gen AI - but customers aren't there yet. It's time for a different skills conversation, and I blow a gasket in the whiffs.

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Visual storytelling and AI - why the secret to success is knowing your customer This article is sponsored by:

Customers struggle to create enough high-quality digital content that meets their customers’ needs - or at least, that’s the view of TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks, a video creation platform. Is AI coming to the rescue? It can help, but it's only part of the answer. The wider answer lies in telling the right stories at the right time.

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Xactly user conference - sales management, AI and Salesforce connections This article is sponsored by:

Xactly’s user conference was piled deep with announcements. They showcased a new reporting experience, new generative AI capabilities, new use cases for their benchmarking data set, a new Salesforce-native experience (Xactly for CRM), a new map-based interface for Extend, a new product (Xactly Plan Design) that models the potential financial return on the investment in GTM and improved integration between Forecasting and the rest of the Xactly suite. These and more were the topics du jour. Here are quick highlights.

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