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Nationwide moves beyond customer experience surveys to conversational analytics with Qualtrics XM Discover This article is sponsored by:

US financial services giant Nationwide has found that survey have their time and place for improving customer experience - but that real-time data from Qualtrics XM Discover can drive near real-time ‘insight to action’.

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Does the data support those layoff plans? Survey reveals how services businesses conquer uncertainty This article is sponsored by: Certinia logo

As workforce disruption continues, how can business leaders make the most of key data and ensure knowledge workers feel informed and creative rather than disengaged? FinancialForce's Simon Jones shares critical ways that can help to retain and support talent while keeping businesses afloat.

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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI gets enterprise scrutiny, Credit Suisse gets a lifeline, and digital transformation failures get dissected This article is sponsored by:

This week - tech vendors have a lot to say about generative AI - and so do I, thanks to new field reports. Credit Suisse avoids the abyss (and so do we), and tech spending gets a fresh look via the latest data. In the whiffs section, I debut my first generative AI animation.

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