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How "extraordinary" workplaces will win at business This article is sponsored by: Unit4 logo with tagline

Organizations that don’t pay attention to their people will always face competition from companies with bigger wallets. To attract and retain talent, businesses need something extra. Kirsty Graham of Unit4 has three steps for creating lasting relationships with your people so you can win at talent.

Lego figures in an 'extraordinary workplace' concept © www_slon_pics - Pixabay

UK tech job vacancies soar, wages outstrip rest of economy - but it’s not yet an opportunity for all This article is sponsored by:

A new government backed report highlights how the UK is transforming into a tech economy, with plenty of career and wage opportunities. However, those opportunities aren’t necessarily available to everyone.

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Tech events at a crossroads - go hybrid and include people, or go on-the-ground and exclude them This article is sponsored by:

Legacy event playbooks lead to legacy events. Why doesn't agility apply to event structure and participation? As the fall event calendar fills up, time for a hybrid event wake up call - and a case for radical inclusion. Plus: hybrid event tips from the diginomica team.

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