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Enterprise hits and misses - autonomous vehicles get a green light, customer success gets a warning, and tech-for-good gets a gut check This article is sponsored by:

This week - autonomous vehicles speed past a premature(?) milestone. Customer success, however, gets stopped at the traffic light. Tech-for-good idealism faces reality, and FinOps gets the buzzword bingo treatment. Your whiffs include cheap shots - and Web 3.0 candy canes.


Putting Zoho Creator to the business user test - a view inside the projects at Michigan Medicine This article is sponsored by:

Can we bring business users closer to app development? Can we make a difference for those business users - without involving IT? Perfect questions for a talk about real world Zoho Creator use cases, with Mikhail Zolikoff of Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan Health.

Zoho Creator - Zolikoff, University of Michigan
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