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How Quality Material Handling thrived as an essential business in the pandemic - an Acumatica story This article is sponsored by:

Some interviews leave a lasting impression. Such was the case with my Acumatica Summit interview with the Pinto family, who run Quality Material Handling. It's a story of adversity, leadership, and getting your ERP software squared up with your growth ambitions.

Acumatica - Quality Material Handling customer

US, EU tech policy is divided by more than the Atlantic. Can the new Trade and Technology Council realistically bridge the gap? This article is sponsored by:

Can a new tech talking shop bridge the divide between the EU and US attitudes towards digital regulation? The views of US Secretary Raimondo and European Commissioner Breton are upbeat, but are they realistic?


New HR tech is coming - along with new costs. What's an HR exec to do? This article is sponsored by:

New HR tools are cropping up in large numbers. Many are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to parse data so that recruiting, HR and operations managers can make better hiring and promotion decisions. But, the way you implement these is different and so are the costs.

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