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Enterprise hits and misses - employee experience deteriorates, cloud gets an on-prem wake-up call, and event planners get called out This article is sponsored by:

This week - employee experience takes a big return-to-office hit, but what's next? Cloud adoption may be surging, but on-premises systems still have traction. Atlassian's outage yields lessons, and event planners get a hybrid event challenge. As always, your whiffs.


Workday - exit Power of One, enter Power to Adapt This article is sponsored by:

Workday has shifted/tuned its strategy, technology and marketing recently. Gone is the Power of One and now it showcases a multi-faceted Power to Adapt concept. This will change how Workday deals with acquired products (inorganic growth), how it empowers customers, how its partner firms will add value with customers, and, how Workday is perceived in the market.


Want to limit the impact of your next event? Make sure your hybrid structure is bland or non-existent This article is sponsored by:

Event planners are super-psyched about the return of on-the-ground events - but why are they dismissive of hybrid events? If you claim to be "customer-first," your next event better be hybrid. Join me as I sprinkle in the tips, and blow a gasket or two.

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