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AI is transforming CX - three ways it can revolutionise your support function right now This article is sponsored by: Zendesk logo

Fast responses and resolutions to their issues are customers’ top priority - AI can make an immediate impact on the burden and complexity for customers and businesses. Zendesk's Cristina Fonseca points to three ways to get the most from AI in retail.

Global Communication Technology concept, Man hand holding Globe and Smartphone , enjoy, satisfaction to communicate with internet network information using AI for CX to link other people together © May_Chanikran - Shutterstock

Enterprise hits and misses - Retailers' pre-holiday news is problematic, Amazon's layoffs wake up Alexa, and low-code gets a reality check This article is sponsored by:

This week - Walmart and Target issue mixed earning news - where does consumer sentiment lie? Amazon's pending layoffs are another wake up call, and Alexa teams are impacted. Flexible work data is complicated, as is low-code adoption. Your whiffs include Web3 vinegar from yours truly.

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