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Mirakl on 34th Street as Macy's launches its own third party online marketplace to fuel digital growth This article is sponsored by:

Macy's is joining the trend for major retailers to build out third party online marketplaces to flesh out their digital revenue opportunities. But is this another step towards splitting up the physical and digital sides of the business?


West Northamptonshire upgrades Unit4 ERP and moves to the cloud to create ‘beating heart’ of citizen services This article is sponsored by: X4U_Signature_Vertical_RGB.png

West Northamptonshire Council leads a shared service on behalf of a number of partner authorities. It is pursuing an integration strategy with its Unit4 ERP system to help get a 360 degree view of the citizen.

Customer experience IT concept hand reaching through screen © kiquebg - Pixabay

Enterprise hits and misses - Walmart and Target are ready for Black Friday, but who else is? Low-code and AI dominate as event season winds down This article is sponsored by:

This week - big retailers say they are ready for the holiday surge - but will their optimism hold? As fall event season winds down, low-code and AI are buzzword pals. But does the hype hold up? Your whiffs include swallowing AirPods, rideshares in the sky, and "masterclasses."


Everything we’ve assumed about developers is wrong. Why tomorrow’s great tech leaders are today’s poets, linguists and saxophonists This article is sponsored by: New Relic logo © New Relic

Bootcamps aren't the answer - Rey Perez of New Relic explains why the next generation of engineers will need to be true creative thinkers to meet the needs of tech companies.

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