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Enterprise hits and misses - HR tech events wrap, but the AI firing debate carries on, while Dreamforce gets a (thorough) review This article is sponsored by:

This week - HR tech's big events are over - but the debate over AI for firing is heating up. Yes, diginomica did Dreamforce, and boiled down the takeaways. Your whiffs include the follies of being data-driven.


The Israel Innovation Authority is building a new quantum computing research center - what will the impact be? This article is sponsored by:

The Israel Innovation Authority recently announced plants to build a quantum computing research center. The center will be led by Israeli startup Quantum Machines. How will this impact the quantum computing field?

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Workday Rising 2022 - is continuous listening disruptive to HR managers? Peakon's GM takes the interview hot seat This article is sponsored by:

Intelligent listening - what organization couldn't use more of that? But can Peakon do that for HR teams at enterprise scale? At Workday Rising, I put Workday's GM for Peakon Phil Chambers on the interview hot seat - and got a few surprises of my own.

Phil Chambers - GM Peakon at Workday
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