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Enterprise hits and misses - AI hype vs real world use cases, enterprise earnings face headwinds, and buyers get a new BS detector This article is sponsored by:

This week - earnings reports are in, but so are layoffs. What conclusions can we draw? Generative AI hype has reached a fever pitch, but where are today's use cases? The Metaverse and NFTs get fresh analysis, and we polish our collective BS detectors.

King Checkmate

How Key Code Media turned economic headwinds into business growth - an Acumatica cloud ERP story This article is sponsored by:

A good cloud ERP use case should go beyond escaping legacy system headaches. These days, we need more - and we need to hear from customers that have achieved more. Bring on the story of Key Code Media, and how a fresh approach to ERP changed their business.

Key Code Media installation - Acumatica customer
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