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DataStax launches Astra Block - a new service aimed at helping developers more easily develop Web3 applications This article is sponsored by:

DataStax argues that distributed ledgers, or Web3 technologies, essentially result in a lot of event based data that is typically hard to tap into. But event based data is DataStax’s core strategy - and as such as launching Astra Block.

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ESG start-ups - the rise of novel, not re-hashed, tech This article is sponsored by:

Spend a day listening to VC pitches and you’ll see some interesting concepts and business models. Spend a day checking out ESG-focused VC pitches and you see things that can make a huge impact on this Earth. Here’s my experience of such a pitch session and a glimpse where tech and capital should be going.

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ServiceMax CEO Neil Barua - like a ‘kid in a candy store’ under PTC ownership, but prioritizing value for customers This article is sponsored by:

Barua says that the capabilities now available to ServiceMax under PTC will mean a ‘new era’ for field service management. However, the CEO is acutely aware that laying the critical foundations is what is most important.

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