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Clicks and bricks: the future of retail This article is sponsored by:

Instead of wiping out bricks-and-mortar retail, the internet is bringing a new type of shopping experience to town centers and malls. While retailers who don't adapt are failing, a new breed is finding success.

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Business is more ad hoc This article is sponsored by: SAP logo © SAP

Business decision making is becoming more and more ad-hoc. It's a daily necessity. Even the best managers often prefer to trust gut instincts more than hard facts.

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SuiteWorld 2013 preview This article is sponsored by:

SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite's annual customer conference gets underway next week. Several of the diginomica team will be attending including yours truly. This is a show I like not least because with some 80 partners, there's a good chance of getting round to see what's on offer.


An internet of GE things This article is sponsored by:

My good buddy Vinnie Mirchandani says I spend far too much time worrying about yesterday's technology. He may be right but then I worry a lot about the people and things that pay the bills, move things around, get things made and so on. However, there is a largely unseen world to which we should pay attention.

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Digital Decision Maker: Denise McDonagh This article is sponsored by:

As G-Cloud programme director within the UK Cabinet Office, McDonagh is pushing through a paradigm shift in public sector ICT procurement and deployment. But can she get the Luddites into digital champions?

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Does mandatory BYOD make sense to you? This article is sponsored by:

Bring Your Own Device sounds alluring but as Gartner predicts mandatory BYOD policies emerging in half of businesses by 2017, it is time to think through this disruptive change. We offer eight questions you will need to consider.

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