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Is there Life On Mars for digital justice? This article is sponsored by:

Three months late and hardly adorned with bells and whistles, the UK Ministry of Justice rolled out is first Digital by Default service. What else is in the pipeline and when might we see evidence that there is Life on Mars on the MOJ?


What GMail knows about me and you This article is sponsored by:

You can now visualize all your connections. these show us patterns of activity between people and those in groups that will be familiar to us. But what does this say about our privacy and what are the implications for business?

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Why you can never have too many standards This article is sponsored by:

Why is that we expect standards to surface perfectly formed at the first attempt? Vendors are allowed trial and error when innovating products. Enterprises deserve the same leeway to develop buyside specifications.

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When Best Western price gouges does anyone care? This article is sponsored by:

Best Western took advantage of the Asiana Airways crash by price gouging customers. While there may be short term moral outrage, will that same outrage get channelled into a boycott? If past evidence is an indicator then I doubt it.

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Collaborate, upgrade, suck less This article is sponsored by:

Running a business web property? Considering a major upgrade? Collaboration with users will reap tremendous dividends. It helps if you have good relationships with providers but then some are better than others. Here's what we learned following a major upgrade.

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Google faces UK deadline to clean up on privacy This article is sponsored by:

Google has been playing fast and loose with privacy  for a very long time. Now, UK regulators have set a deadline of 30the September for Google to deliver on tis 2008 transparency promise. So far, there is no sign it plans to conform.

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