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Cloud email - a tale of two markets This article is sponsored by:

We seem to be looking at two very different cloud email markets: the SMEs where take up is strong and enterprise, where we have yet to see any significant change. But how quickly might the enterprise adopt?

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Digital marketing on the Horizon This article is sponsored by:

HTK is a good example of a firm adapting to and exploiting the new ‘social, local and mobile’ mantras that run through the requirements for effective customer communication. Here's why.


Accenture SMACs down on digital This article is sponsored by:

When you think of Accenture, most people would think about multi-year, multi-million cost, massive outsourcing, systems integration, ERP and consulting projects. Time to smack down on digital!


Perspectives on a cloud bromance This article is sponsored by:

This week has seen one of the largest deals in enterprise software:'s nine year commitment to Oracle technology. In this final piece, we ask important outstanding questions and provide insights into what this means for customers.

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