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Collaborate, upgrade, suck less This article is sponsored by:

Running a business web property? Considering a major upgrade? Collaboration with users will reap tremendous dividends. It helps if you have good relationships with providers but then some are better than others. Here's what we learned following a major upgrade.

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Google faces UK deadline to clean up on privacy This article is sponsored by:

Google has been playing fast and loose with privacy  for a very long time. Now, UK regulators have set a deadline of 30the September for Google to deliver on tis 2008 transparency promise. So far, there is no sign it plans to conform.

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Cool bananas! Trading in clouds. This article is sponsored by:

Clouds are just bananas really. Or so reckons Michael Osterloh, a member of the board of the Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE), a joint venture formed by the German stock exchange with Berlin-based Zimory GmbH.


Cat among the government IT pigeons This article is sponsored by:

Since the Coalition government  took power in the UK in 2010, there's been a new swear word in Whitehall ICT circles - oligopoly. Now the Office of Fair Trading is poking its nose in. This should be fun.



Taming the nexus with Platform 3.0 This article is sponsored by:

It's time to start thinking about architectural standards for the converging forces of cloud, mobile, social, Internet of Things and big data analytics, according to TOGAF creator The Open Group


Avoiding b2b content marketing pitfalls This article is sponsored by:

Much of the resistance enterprise marketers face comes from being immersed for dangerously long periods in their gobsmackingly wonderful product technology. Here's a take on how to avoid that, backed up by survey data from a new content marketing report.

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The myth of buying on benefits This article is sponsored by:

Have buying priorities changed? thinks so. They talk about outcomes rather than features and benefits. It sounds like a powerful argument but does it hold up?

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