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Intuit Q3 earnings show resilience This article is sponsored by:

As a dominant player, Intuit is a great barometer of the US SME market. Its earnings release for Q3 fiscal 2013 suggest that its slow switch to subscription services is holding up. That is despite the fact it pre warned the market in April that it was shaving a full 225 basis points from its revenue estimates, largely due to a significant softening in its Turbo Tax business.

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On Machiavelli, SAP and Fiori This article is sponsored by:

The launch of SAP Fiori set off plenty of chatter in blogs and Twitter. There was a lot of confusion and discussion around pricing topics. As always with SAP, life is never that simple. There's a lot to understand.

SAPPHIRE 2011, Orlando, USA

Nike's world class service This article is sponsored by:

World class service often appears to be a myth. Yet some companies are getting it right, leveraging digital channels and benefitting accordingly. More important, customers are the recipients of a consistent and pleasant service. Nike is in that class.


Email is not dying This article is sponsored by:

There's many a rumor that email is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. But is there a good way to collaborate with team members while not sacrificing the utility of email? Right now that seems much harder than it looks.

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Serving up fresh analytics every day This article is sponsored by:

Enterprise analytics is a fast-growing market, as users demand up-to-the-minute data presented visually in context. But in their rush to consume fresh daily data, they may overlook the need for proper preparation of the data before serving.

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Will Yahoo come Tumblr-ing down? This article is sponsored by:

Silicon Valley's worst kept secret ever will be confirmed later today when Yahoo announces a buyout of Tumblr. But is this just a PR gesture towards the achingly cool or a thought-through business play by Marissa Mayer?


Last week in tech This article is sponsored by:

Here is my somewhat cheeky look at what was interesting and entertaining last week in the wonderful world of technology. In this episode we're talking SAPPHIRE v SuiteWorld and about Google not paying its taxes in the right place - allegedly.

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